Sunday, January 16, 2011


Do you ever feel like you're dancing around disaster?

On my way to the market tonight a road I frequent was closed due to an accident. It scared me and when I got home I was overwhelmed by a great sadness.

Where it came from I don't know. I've lost friends to bad accidents and had close family members involved in terrible crashes that could have been fatal but somehow weren't.

Each of us has experienced a loss of some sort.  Each of us carries pain, it becomes part of our internal landscape, a dark valley we try not to walk through.  Sometimes the sunny ridge crumbles beneath our feet and we find ourselves falling down into the valley of tears.

I think it's ok to be sad sometimes.  To cry for things lost, for people we miss, to honor the sacrifices others have made for us, to feel deeply that there is no sunshine without shadow, that a great love can be lost, that no matter how sweet the day it can be shattered into millions of tiny pieces.

I can't make the sadness go away.  I can try to walk through it.  It hurts but it's real and goes hand in hand with joy and love.
Tomorrow will be better.


  1. Oooh, Every time I took a look in it updated to your last post……or so I thought.
    I’m glad you are embracing The Suzanne in you.
    I am starting to sound like a lurky creep, as a matter of fact I am creeping myself out.
    Take care of that heart.

    L. Out

  2. Ok, so now you're up to date. I write from my heart so sometimes it gets a little over the top but hopefully not boring. I love having someone comment so please don't feel bad, you are welcome here.