Monday, July 05, 2010

15 days and counting

Only 15 more days here until I leave for California!

And the pile of stuff I need to do in between is nuts but I'll get it done.  The pile of stuff I've already gotten done is far larger so I think I'm winning.  At least I feel like I'm winning.

I'm having a studio sale this week, which should  be both fun and a bit sad, as I'll be saying good-bye to a lot of good friends.

The big push is getting the court documents signed and sent off to the judge.  I'd like it all done so I don't have to deal with it when I'm in California.  Another ending...leading to a new beginning.

Went to the cabin this weekend.  The weather behaved for one day, was hot and humid and we floated around in the lake in pure bliss.  And we plowed through 20 years of family pictures, laughed and scratched our heads over a few, "Do you know who that is?"  "Nope, do you?"  We made a couple new books for him to keep, which was a good representation of those years.  Only 10 more years to go.

Packing, packing, I'm wondering why I need that many Fiestaware plates, oh well.  If I need money I can always rent out my service for 50.

Up ahead is a competition in St. Paul, another chance to say good-bye to a lot of friends.  The cool thing about that is that I will probably get to see them every now and then at other competitions, the skating community travels quite a bit.

Then back here, get the trailer, pack it up and head off to my new adventure.  I keep looking at the pics of my new house and imagining how things will be.  All the  variations will be fun, I can hardly wait!