Friday, September 19, 2014

Catch up...

I hope I live to see a free Scotland, but not this time, drat. The young folk voted for it, the old against, which is reasonable but sad.

The King fire (as well as 8 or 10 others) continues to rage in California. This one has the potential to reach Tahoe. On my way to San Diego this week I saw convoys of fire trucks heading to help, blessings of thanks and safety go with them as they battle the beast.

I made a quick and hard trip to San Diego for a brief respite, driving allows me to reboot my brain Being immersed in vast quantities of people reminds me I live in a magical place and now I'm ready to jump into my studio for a few weeks. The Open Studios Tour is the first two weekends in October, gotta be ready.

I have a new vehicle, my Dad's older Mini. Driving to San Diego was a good bonding experience, it's a sweet car and we had lots of fun. He says his name is Hank. I took him to see the ocean and some sights in downtown.

Hank wanted to try to fly off the deck of the USS Midway. We had to be content to check out the Captain's deck.

And now, feeling so blessed to be home in my mountain foothill nest, it's time to tend to the boys and catch up a little.