Monday, February 17, 2014


I confess I've been glued to either the tv or my laptop, drinking up aerial skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding fast and fancy, bobsledding, hockey and most of all, figure skating. This year NBC (bless them) have offered the entire competition online, long but so wonderful to see all of the amazing skaters instead of the top 6 or 8 on prime time tv.

I get out of bed early and watch online while eating my oatmeal. I keep an eye on various events while working in my studio, late at night I watch prime time tv, snippets of many events combined with special interest stories and, hideously, commercials.  

GAWD, how come the Super Bowl gets all the good stuff?  We get the little girl asking for 60 bucks instead of 40 to babysit because they drive her home in a fancy vehicle. I'm so sick of this commercial, which is now playing for the fourth or fifth time this evening.

Oh well, it's worth it.  The two weeks of gathering equipment and fiddling with cables that didn't work almost made me say to hell with it.  The pageantry and the sheer beauty of lifetime athletes competing at the highest level I find inspiring and exciting.

So, here I am, curled up with Dandy, watching tv, feeling very lazy but mentally planning my quick trip to Texas this week.  I cannot stay away from my girls for very long.  The challenge now is having my children spread out by six hours, Texas is a big place.  There may be a trip to Austin for a day or two depending.

This has been a tough few months, endless illness and hospital stays for young and old. More than ever I feel the need for a companion but the search proves frustrating. Oh well, things can change quickly.

Goodnight, sweet dreams.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Corgi in the Mist

After four days of heavy rain we got out into the woods.  The moss has reappeared to cloak the trees with green, the holding pond is full and the trees were breathing out mist, finally.

They say 10 inches, but my Dad emptied his 5 inch rain gauge four times, do that math.

I heard Folsom Lake rose 14 feet during the weekend.

All I can do is thank the Gods and hope we get more, it feels fabulous.


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Soldiering on...

I both love this photo and find it heartbreaking at the same time.  In the hospital on Christmas day, trying to figure out what is going on but being a trooper all the same.  The whole week she had this grave and considering look on her face.  

I've got the mid winter blues, for some reason this season just drains me and I find myself going through the motions.  A lot of it is missing this little sprite but it's more than that.  I have people to support me, love me and listen to me but I find that it's the strong shoulder to cry on that seems to elude me.

Almost everyone I love is far away from me in some way and even though I feel blessed to have their love in my life it sometimes feels overwhelming to be without them.

I've learned that this just happens in January and on into March when the joy of things peeking through the dirt overrides the blues.  I keep busier than usual and allow myself to sit with a cup of tea, a warm blanket and a good book.  Maybe I'm just recharging my batteries.

And, I'm still making beautiful things.  Is that why we have Valentine's Day?  Gifts, chocolate, love, what's not to like?

So, take the one "who just might love you the most" and hug them tight, even in your dreams and remember to let them know you love them the most too.