Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The future...

Oh boy, life is so interesting.

A new baby has arrived, all pink skin and froggy snuggles. I spent two weeks in Texas playing with my darling girls and the wonderful man who loves them.

 Wee Hazel is here, charming us all with her wonderful calm baby energy. She's the second baby you hope you get when you've already got a three year old to keep up with.
 I could not get enough of holding her and watching my daughter hold her and cherish her and fall in love with her again every minute of the day. I so enjoyed caring for my daughter, being the Mother I didn't have, serving her and allowing her to rest and grow into her new role as a mother of two.

And this one, who loves to dance half dressed in her butterfly wings adorned with my biggest earrings. Who couldn't find her enchanting? She's a pistol, sometimes hard to keep up with but always loving. She's loving her baby sister and is very helpful in a not so helpful way. She came running into the guest house every morning, calling loudly Grandma, Grandma! She says she didn't want to scare me so she made lots of noise. Of course, I was awake early to crack the door so she could get in, but we won't tell her that.

Then I came home to get ready for my Dad's 90th birthday, with various celebrities flying in, like my son and even my ex husband, all to celebrate with my Dad. We had a marvelous time with dinners and a workshop party featuring melted metal and lots of joyful friendship.

The best thing is to come home to loving arms. I'm blessed to know this man. We've been through a lot of trials but the path ahead is open and filled with fun. Being part of his family and having him be part of mine is the best thing ever. We'll be sailing in blue waters next spring but find joy in kayaking in our local lakes and working together in his fine workshop. The holidays ahead will bring my family all together here and I know they'll enjoy his company as much as I do. I cannot wait to see him juggle the baby.

I'll be reporting the realities of a hip replacement soon, but I've got lots of great help so it should go well and once again we'll be hiking the back country. This comfort lover wants to try some camping, at least once. But then again, with the right company anything is possible.