Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Austin Day Five

HEY!  Whatcha got there?  Banana?  Ohhhhhh, yum!

This is Dobby, she lives with my daughter, her guy and two other chicken friends.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Austin Days Two & Three & Four

Ah, I see these posts are finally showing up, good.

On Friday we did some hiking on the greenbelt, which is a gorgeous walk along the creek, filled with wildflowers.  The creek is seasonal and is dry now except for one last pond, sort of green, filled with pollywogs in every different stage.  There were fingernail sized frogs hopping around.  Will the others grow some legs before the water is gone?

During the day we are taking little shopping trips and working on house projects.  I'm teaching my daughter to drive a stick shift.  I sure wish I had learned it so quickly.  Nothing happens until late at night here.  I drove downtown and had cold beer and amazing pizza while I watched some Olympic coverage at Home Slice Pizza.  Don't miss it if you ever come to Austin.

Further downtown I got to see The Couch play, they have some exciting new material which has been recorded and is being mixed for release in a fee months, can't wait.  My friends will be getting new music for Christmas.

Yesterday we painted a room and ended up at Guerros for dinner, damn fine margaritas!

I keep thinking I need to stop in at Allen's Boots and smell some leather.

Few more days then home.


Sunday, July 29, 2012


It's been a riot of music and food and good drink, family fun and some work here and there.

Unfortunately my posts are stalled so the update will come later.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Austin Day One

What a great place this is!  Of course, not only is the place great but the people I love are here.

Flights were good, though sitting in one place for such long stretches makes me a little stir crazy.  I even cleaned out my wallet, jeez.

It's HOT and humid, but it's Texas, so what?  After a bit you just get used to being sweaty and start to enjoy it.  The weather forces you to drink fabulous margaritas and cold beer.  They just taste better here.

And the food, wow.  We started with ceviche and blackened fish tacos and later downtown I hit one of the best bbq food trucks for a pulled pork sandwich with onions and pickles.  I sat on a bench blissfully eating and people watching.  The sandwich is smoky with super tender meat and the pickles are crunchy and sweet sour, awesome!

We went to Lovejoys, which is a great grungy bar that makes their own beer.  Word is they are closing which is sort of sad.  (Photo of Grant and I here.)

Live music is everywhere and we are at Red Square to hear Little Radar play.   They were wonderful and the crowd is full of great friends that actually like talking to a Mom.  They tell Grant his Mom is cool which is too fun.

There is time for fun, music, food, friends and heart to heart talks with my expanding little family.  I'm so lucky to be able to do this.

Today I'm going to go out and get lost and see what I can find.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Rumbles and Booms

It's raining!  I hope it turns into a gully washer.

And there's thunder and (presumably) lightning.  This is great, except maybe for the dog sitting on my feet.

I miss the great Midwest thunderstorms so this is a treat.  Hopefully the lightning doesn't set off any wildfires, we're still smelling smoke from the Robbers fire out past Colfax.

Wonderful busy week, heading to Texas soon.  I had a great weekend, meeting some very cool new people, life is good.

And in Texas I get to see my beautiful daughter and her new guy and new house.  And twice I get to see Grant and Little Radar play, the only question is which pair of cowboy boots to wear.


Friday, July 20, 2012

To Life!

We need you to come in for some more pictures.

No woman wants to hear those words.

Ok, I say.

Outside calm and friendly, inside seizing up in fear.

The next few days it's equal parts reason and chaos.

Pushing plans back, drawing in, wondering if I'm strong enough, the endless loop you can't shut off.

Today early to the imaging center, happy to get the process started.

Pictures that go to the Radiologist.


More pictures.


She smiles kindly.

Says he wants an ultrasound.


Cold gel, the transducer slides up and down.

See it, the empty space, not round, black and empty, like my stomach.


He comes in, eyes steady.

Hold on they say.

It's probably ok, but strange enough to want more, to make sure.


Sign papers, talk about procedures, talk about afterwards.

Cold, scared, hopeful.

Steady eyes, steady hands, gel, transducer guides the needle.  I watch the screen, the black hole

It's ok, the cyst collapses, best case scenario.

Today I did not join the line of women fighting breast cancer.

Little beat up, bruised, thankful, mentally exhausted, elated.

Aware that I would have many sisters before me, beside me, behind me, to lean on, learn from, follow and maybe lead.

It's enough to live each day, each minute.

To love thankfully and deeply.


Monday, July 16, 2012


I just finished this beautiful Byzantine necklace and thought I'd model it.  Neither me nor the necklace is polished up this morning but we look ok, no?

Life is good, the sun is shining, the fountain is burbling away and we just got back from a walk.  Yesterday we walked the longer mine trail and stopped to talk to one of the park rangers.  She said to be extra careful because we have a mountain lion mother and two cubs out in the mine property, which is my backyard.  Evidently she's thinning out the coyote population, which is exactly what predators are supposed to do.  Too bad we can't scoop up a bunch of the stupid half tame deer out of the local golf course community, put them to good use.

Did I say that?  Well, it's true that I've never thought much of deer, they ate way too many of my flowers and plants.  But I will admit they taste pretty good.  They aren't as sweet as you may think, the boys and I have been attacked twice by does protecting their fawns, not that I blame them but it was pretty crazy to see.  Of course, they boys just thought it was a recalcitrant cow and tried to herd her back to me, wonderful.

Here's an awwwww pic from my Minnesota garden.

Smiles to you.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My son...

Yesterday I picked out one picture for each year of his life.  I'll just post a few.  I almost wrote sun instead of son, which is so appropriate as he's been a warm ray of light ever since he was born.

I was so afraid when I brought him home.  I hardly wanted to touch him because I thought I would do something wrong.  Then I looked at him and realized that he was mine and I was his, that neither of us really knew they rules so we'd just make them up as we went along.  And a little voice way down inside said, "You are all he's got, you are good enough and smart enough, figure it out."

I think we did ok.

West Coast



Niagara Falls

Texas Ikea trying out a new bed.

Texas - Little Radar

There is sort of a water theme here, which besides being on stage, is where he's happiest.  He found a fabulous girl who loves water and music too.

Happy Day!

Monday, July 09, 2012


Sometimes the sadness in the world becomes almost overwhelming.  I feel too much the grief, fear and tears that others are experiencing.  I begin to falter in my course, wanting to curl up in my bed and sleep until the sadness goes away.

But I know it won't.  I have to try to avoid the daily news, the killing, the hurting, the pain, the stupidity and cruelty of some people and of nature's mighty disregard for the little lives in the path of hurricanes and floods and earthquakes.

The best way I know to shake the bad stuff is to remember to be grateful for the good stuff.

A dearly beloved black and white Corgi has died alone and scared far from home.  I grieve with his family and give my boys an extra hug.  They crawl up on the couch into my lap when they know I'm distressed.
I'm so thankful for my life, for those friends who've touched my heart and shared laughter and smiles as well as tears and sorrow.

I'm so thankful for my family, that I've gotten to watch my children grow and hope that they find as much satisfaction and joy watching their little ones grow.

I'm thankful for the shelter I have.  That I was able to find a house that nurtures my soul as well as my body.  And that I've been able to fill it with happiness, beauty and love.

I'm thankful for my skillful hands and eyes that really see, that I'm able to create beautiful things that make other people smile.

I'm thankful for red dirt, good music, men with beards, hands that cherish, arms that open wide in greeting, hearts that spill with love.

I'm thankful for so many things and know that the Great One has blessed me repeatedly and continues to do so.  I know that her love is never ending and that the more we send out the more she pours into us.

I send great heaps of love and laughter to you all.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


It's great to have out of town guests because then I remember how interesting things are right in my own back yard.

We wandered around the Empire Mine grounds.  The gardens are in full flower, butterfly bushes taller than me bursting with gorgeous colors of pinks and purples, huge marguerite daisies, old roses of every shape and color, campion rose (lychnis), and many others.

It's strange and sort of disturbing to think of the lovely gracious life the mine owners lived while right below their feet men and mules toiled in the dark for bright gold.

Here I am sitting on a man skip, thinking how it would be to actually be going down into the shaft.  Evidently they've built a side tunnel from the main shaft, which may eventually be open for tours.

I don't know, it's not Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland.  Even a few feet down into the shaft it gets cooler and more humid, hard to breathe, it's scary.

We spent a bit of time talking to the Blacksmith's apprentices and coveting the beautiful old anvils.  They were saying that when the mine closed down in the 50's it was just abandoned and not a state owned park until 1975.  During that time it was vandalized and looted for treasures but once the state took over people began to bring things back knowing they would be taken care of, love it!  Some of those same kids are now lovingly taking care of the mine and it's fascinating history.

This is my backyard.