Friday, November 30, 2012

One year, one week...

Soft light
warm leather
incredible art
funky furniture
mountain laurels
dogs at my feet
hallelujah kitchen
wooden floors
treasure box

I never thought I'd own a house I love so much.  I come home and slip into my skin here, like a selkie to her ocean. The trees embrace me, the mountain so dense and thick has my back, the people here get me like no other, the swirl of ideas and projects and things undiscovered light up my eyes.

When I go to him I drink in the sky, worship the far mountains, take the sunsets into my soul, and of course, renew my heart in his arms and it's good.  He sustains me there, so far from my wellspring, chains me gladly for a time, until the yearning comes again and I fly back over the mountain, racing for home.

I've got the best of both worlds, two places to renew, him and home, being away from either makes the return sweet and satisfying and joyful.

The countdown to my first Grandchild is on, only days now until Miss Cilantro makes her debut into our arms.  She's already in our hearts, like her Mama and Daddy.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Through the Garden Gate

down the path
leaves thick and
under your feet.
of pine
and ivy
and the
Breathe in the
of the
Put your hand
on the old
the latch.

see me,
the coffee
is hot and smells of

we will.
we can't not.
this day,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fixer Upper

Imagine the possbilities!

Cute and cozy fixer-upper, bring your tools, bring your bulldozer (did I say that?).

This darling house on a nice lot with great views has some wood and some metal siding.

Plenty of room for your garden too.

Actually, I love looking at this little place on our walks in the high desert.  The textures are fabulous and it has this attitude of enduring.

Who lived there?  What happened with their lives?  What's the story behind it?  Seems lately I can't see anything without wanting to know the story or I start to make up a story of my own.

Meanwhile, back in my cozy mountain cabin the rain has started too.  Except here the trees draw in a large breathe and exhale GREEN.  It smells green and the colors have brightened and sharpened.  Even the moss is unfurling on the tree trunks, it's glorious.

My man will be here today and we will be off to his large family Thanksgiving celebration and then back here for my small family celebration.  I'm so happy to have him and his family and my family.


Thursday, November 15, 2012


Last week I was walking down my quaint little downtown street, window shopping and juggling my cup of hot coffee and my gallery keys, thinking about random stuff.

Boom! Total instant love!  Can you believe how gorgeous this baby is?  The big window, the sexy fenders, the color.

I stopped to snap a picture and then went on into the gallery to turn on lights, unlock doors and fire up the computer.  As I was dragging out the Open sign a man walked across the street from the little diner and hopped in.

Here's the wonderful thing, he drove this beautiful thing into town to meet his buddies for breakfast, which makes it ever so much cooler.  All around I see these fine old trucks still working, still moving people and construction supplies and whatnot.  I've got to love all of them and the people who love them and keep them going.

I would imagine that this man isn't going to trade his wife of 40 years in on a newer, sleeker model.  She may have a few lumps and bumps, some skin with lines and she may start up a bit slowly in the morning.  Her chassis has broadened out with the loads she's carried and her springs are creaky.  He smiles with the memories of her laughing and carrying his children and how her bright blue eyes sparkle just for him.

Peace to you and yours from me and mine.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Reasons to love California...

Of course, there are many but this is a particularly fine example.

Today is November 7th.  I picked these gorgeous, fragrant roses today.  It was 70 degrees today but I thought I'd best save them before it snows tomorrow night.


Bode on Halloween

With some digital enhancement Bad Boy Bode dressed up for Halloween.

This is one of the silliest boys I've ever met.  He's often a handful, nothing unusual for a mature, intact male but he tries really hard.


Monday, November 05, 2012


Holy cow, I can still shoot.

I took a break from this league but remained on the sub list.

Tonight I filled in on a very nice team and definitely held up my end.

180 is a perfect score for the front half.

170 is really good on the back, considering that at 15 yards we were shooting in a kneeling position and at 25 yards we shot both strong and weak hand using a barricade.

I'm very happy but the best part was seeing all my great friends.

Peaceful dreams and 180's to you.

First Fall

I'm winding down on the first year in my cottage.

My own home,
my oasis,
my shelter,
my blissful place,
old but new,

What an incredible year it has been, from stringing up the first Christmas lights to watching the leaves fall off the maple tree.

And the dogwoods, the dogwoods, sweet Goddess, the exquisite dogwoods.

I shook heavy wet snow off the branches,
feeling like a little girl dancing in the snow showers.

I marveled at the huge white blossoms,
stars of velvet outside my windows.

I tenderly watered all through the hot summer,
soaking their feet,
creating a little wetland oasis.

I sat on my rocker on the front porch,
sheltered by green,
breathing the lacy softness
into my body,

And now, the beginning of the long rest,
storing energy,
making dreams for the
winter's memory.

promises of
to come,
colorful fantasies,
hints of