Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Marching toward 2017

What an interesting year this has been, grand events, much needed changes, wonderful gatherings and traumatic near misses. Each has impacted my life in significant ways, though I could have done without the near miss.

This was my taking chances year. A time to get out of my comfort zone, take some chances, put myself out there and be bold.

I'd been hibernating for quite some time, immersed in my art, loving my friends and family and the boys, but down deep continuing to grieve my lost companion. Alone was better than accepting anyone into my life who didn't enrich my days and nights. And in the spring, when he came back, I was wary and cautious but gradually my trust grew as we started from scratch to rebuild. Life is good with someone who understands and celebrates who and what you are. I could not have accomplished so much nor weathered the storms without his strong arm to lean on and his big heart to hold mine.

I continued to make wonderful art and entered a piece in the CA State Fair, winning two ribbons in the process and firing up my imagination for future projects.

Then another wee babe came into our lives, this cherished and delightful baby, who makes us all stop and say, "I just love this baby!". She's enthralled her big sister and all of us. Now we have two delightful little girls to play with, love and watch grow up much too fast.

Limping into 2016 I decided that living with pain wasn't going to work any longer. So I put into motion the hip replacement that I so badly needed, dreading the surgery, pain and lack of independence. It's been 11 weeks now, walking through pain and fear, finding joy in the lack of pain and the improved movement, each day is better than the last. I'm so glad I did it and often now I can walk without limping which is such a grand and glorious feeling. We are looking forward to bike rides and hiking the back trails with our furry friends.

Family time and watching my man enchanted by my 3 year old Granddaughter has been one of the best things of the year.

My son is pursuing his dream on the road, playing music coast to coast. We got to see him in Santa Cruz recently, who would have thought a couple of 60 year olds would end up being band groupies? Check out Walker Lukens and the Sidearms, they are going places!

While my creative side has taken a back burner to healing it's definitely still alive and itching to get going. I'm only flexing my fingers at this point, loosening up for some fun in the next few months. I continue to love enameling bu the tray of natural turquoise is calling me for some stone setting.

And into each life some rain must fall.

Reminding me that life is short, my beloved Hank and I were in a terrible accident. Hit and sent spinning into the opposite lane, hit again, shuddering to a stop, eyes closed, waiting for the next hit. This is my nightmare life right now, waking to horror and fear, knowing the final hit could have been a large truck. It's really, really hard to deal with, the shattering of confidence. I didn't experience outward damage but the inside damage is still to be determined and dealt with. I will deal with it and move on and hopefully find my confidence again, along with some measure of trust in my fellow drivers, but it's going to take time.

And so here we are, looking forward to much more, more family, more friends, more adventures, more traveling, more creativity, more loving life in each minute. I am so grateful to be here.