Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ahhhhh, love this baby girl.

We're thinking she might have blue eyes, but either way she's perfect.

Back home madly packing tools to move my studio. I hate the transition because I've got a jewelry in my head waiting to get created, but that only makes me more efficient moving.  It's always nice to have a nice break after the busy holidays so let things percolate.

The deck building should start soon.  Hopefully by spring I will be having my coffee outside.

I'm happy to be involved with league shooting again, I've missed my friends at the Range.

Life goes on, circles, weaves, stops and starts, not always easy, not always kind but we go our own path or risk stalling on a siding, left to rust and decay.

Busy little specks are we, short lived, so involved with our own importance.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet mountain air

I'm home, 16 days later and it feels sooooo good.

Of course, leaving my daughter and granddaughter and my son leave big holes in my heart.  This morning my brain could not wrap around the fact that Georgia and her slave Mama would not be here.

Still on Texas time I woke up at 5:30 and buzzed around madly, coffee, breakfast, dog walking, a run to the big city, took my laptop to visit the geek squad for a quick fix, fuel up the car, check in at the gallery, get home to discover I'd forgotten to feed the boys, sigh.  So, ok, I'm still not officially home in my head.  They forgave me for forgetting their breakfast.  I forgave them for barfing on the floor.

Quick impressions:
The water is COLD here, it hurts my hands when I wash them but it's so refreshing right out of the tap, don't even have to use ice.

Dandy curls up on my lap, Bode at my feet, nice glass of tea, heaven.

The moon shining through the trees, drifts of clouds making it soft and mysterious, shining on me and the forest creatures.

I'm a neat freak in a messy sort of way, at least everything has a place even if it's not in it.

My suitcase in unpacked and stowed in it's place in the garage, because the next plane ticket is already bought.

Back to the studio this week, lots of things burbling around in my head.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Texas - Family, music & food

My boy Grant, rehearsing new music with Little Radar.  It's so fine to see him, hear him and hug him.  I never remember how much I miss them until I see them again, the times between are sometimes too long.

And now we have a baby to love, my daughter's daughter, who is more glorious than is possible.  I'm madly in love.  And proud to see my baby being such a tender and competent Mother.

Beyond family there has been the Alamo, some really good food and exploration of some of the German heritage around this area, which of course means lots of great beer.

Another week or so until I go back to my furry boys, who I miss terribly. 


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Here and there and Happy Birthday to me!

read well wishes from friends,
walk the dogs,
browse for cake recipes,
decide to make my own creation,
stop at the kitchen store for a metal mixing bowl to use for a double boiler,
hit the market for supplies,
home to bake the two lemon layer cakes,
talk to la bella mammina,
off to pick up some jewelry on display,
studio time which includes some metal bending, some packing,
stop at the Empire Mine office,
talk about volunteering,
and apprentice blacksmithing,
read well wishes from friends,
unpack lots of boxes,
cut two layers to make four,
stack and spread with lemon curd and raspberry jam and fresh raspberries,
whip up some seven minute frosting,
talk to my man,
change to clean jeans and cowboy boots,
arrive at the restaurant just in time,
dinner with my folks,
Dad forgets his wallet,
Mom is mad,
she and I have enough money,
he's so silly,
eyes twinkling,
another Dad story,
hope they never end,
back to my house,
loved ones eat cake,
drink sparkling rose,
look at old pics,
talk to my man,
read well wishes from friends,
short chat with my son,
see him soon,
great day,
friends make me smile, all day,

Monday, January 07, 2013

And so on...

we go, generation to generation.

This is me and my Grandfather, who died when I was young.  I feel his loss now but my Grandmother re-married to a man who was the best of Grandfathers.

 This is my daughter Kirsten and my Dad, who is still hale and hearty at 86.

And finally here is Georgia Belle in the arms of her Grandpa.  We think this is the first baby he's held since her Mama, looks like he hasn't forgotten the basics.

It's a beautiful line of fine fathers who became fine grandfathers.


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Farewell 2012

The old year leaves just a bit tattered and torn,
but we have so many wonderful memories to keep and cherish.

These old things remind me
not to forget
to see beauty in age
imagine past times of joy
learn from mistakes
celebrate the texture of time
share if possible
in hopes that I can inspire
and be inspired
have more
open eyes
open heart.

(Wild horse at the BLM adoption corrals.)