Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woman plans and the gods laugh. ..

I've been trying to get home all day. Weather delayed one flight, which delayed another flight,  which made me miss a connection and on and on. I'm in Phoenix, thankful not to be outside in 106 degree heat.  It also looks like I'll be heading out of here in the next hour or so.

I thought I would be home early enough to work on a last minute commission piece that has to be shipped out this week.  Ha ha!  Really?  Dream on.

But, thanks to a couple of my tribe, the boys will still be taken care of and I have a ride when I get there, for which I am very grateful.


Friday, May 23, 2014

So soon over...

All the planning and traveling gets me to her. 

My busy little Georgia Belle. She makes me laugh and brings such joy to my life. There is never enough time with her but I close my eyes and brush my lips on her hair, blow raspberries on her tummy, rub cream on her soft baby skin.  We bobbed around together at Balmorhea Springs while she squealed at the little fish swimming there. 

We strolled up and down the neighborhood streets, talking to nice neighbors, looking for fragrant flowers to smell and dandelions to pick.

She played dress up in my earrings. 

And climbed things, anything. 

Tomorrow back to Austin for some fun there and soon back to my mountain hideaway.  Then the summer fun will start, bike riding and Sfidare back in the water. 

I'll be sad until I start planning my next trip here though there are more fun things and travel that may get me back sooner than I thought.


Saturday, May 17, 2014


Here I am again in Texas, having so much fun. My son took me to a great dive bar, music, whiskey on tap and a taco truck parked on the patio.  I love that shit.

And then we trekked to West Texas for baby time.
I love being a grandmother.  It's the essence of mothering condensed into joy without so many sleepless nights.


Thursday, May 01, 2014

Finding my Joy!

Picture me dancing, 
weaving in and out between big trees, 
stopping briefly to hug them,
feeling the rough bark against my skin,
skipping on lily pads,
waving my arms with the tall grass, 
bending my body in time to the concert of tree frogs and birdsong, 
loving the day,
feeling the light,
from outside,
inside shining out,
filled with joy,
with love,
knowing I'm where I need to be,
the path is crooked,
and sometimes rough,
but it's there,
if I choose to take it.

I'd forgotten that I had a choice to be happy. It's easy to do, mired deep in the mud of someone else's reality. But I'm getting better at remembering that I'm first, that no one is gonna be happy if I'm not clear and content within myself.

I found myself again, after being waylaid for a month. Not that I would do it any differently, because the chance to meet a beautiful soul is never to be passed by. I can't make anyone's choices for them, they will follow their own path. I think the pain is in watching the layers of lies and deceit accumulate like grease, dimming the light.