Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Enamel Bracelet Continued - Part 2

The placement is decided, holes are drilled, everything is filed and sanded to a satin finish.  Color will be added only to the round pieces, not sure exactly what color yet, probably blues and greens.

Lots of other pieces still to prepare, getting there slowly, life is too exciting lately so studio time is a bit lackadaisical.


Monday, June 24, 2013


Something quite odd, water is dripping from the sky.

I've heard tell of this happening in other places but haven't experienced it here.

Oh wait, I remember, way back, what's it called?  Plain?  No.  Spain?  No.


It's just grand, even though the muddy footprints are back, I don't care.

It feels so good.  We're all feeling really snuggly.

Dandy is under the desk right here on my feet.

Bode, however is trying new sleeping positions in strange places.  Here he is trying to sleep with his head on the electrical strip, having shouldered the bass unit out of his way.  Now he's shifted so his head in on my feet.

Bode is a big dog, though short he's completely solid and 40 pounds, give or take 3.  He's got very warm fur though, my feet are happy if a bit squished.

Just a glimpse into my day.  


Friday, June 21, 2013


Yep, that's exactly what cooked carrots taste like.

Fresh carrots in everything but cooked carrots gag me too.  

Life has been a riot of fun lately.  I'm catching up after a lot of road miles.  

My studio is waiting, my Muse tapping her foot, threatening to take a vacation.  Right, she's not going anywhere with the stuff we have going, until it's done.  She changes her perches, sometimes on the flex shaft, dangling her feet; sometimes I can find her rolling around in the enamel powders, "This one, she says, this one next."   Why is a muse so often female? Especially since I can appreciate a bossy guy, shouldn't my muse be male?  

Just one of the many questions of the day.

I went to a free mini-workshop put on by an organization called HAI (Human Awareness Institute).  It was an interesting two hours in which a group of strangers became, not friends, but not strangers in those two hours.  As a closet introvert I'm usually drained by groups of people.  You'd probably never know it because I genuinely like people but afterwards I usually retreat to someplace to recharge.  I walked out of that room and found that I wasn't drained, that I had been given as much as had been offered.  I will eventually be taking one of their weekend workshops and look forward to experiencing all that they have to teach me.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

The tables are set up and breakfast is in the oven.

The deck has become a wonderful part of life, socializing, dining, relaxing, napping, it's just perfect.

Today we're celebrating Father's Day.  I love having my family and friends gather at my house, it's a deeply satisfying feeling to see their smiling faces and have their voices light up the house.

After living far away for 20 some years I'm so glad I've come home.  I actually don't see my Dad as much as I'd like.  He's a very busy man, working on projects, hoping into their motorhome and wandering around, visiting with his friends but he still manages to find time to help me out or just stopping by for a cup of coffee.

I'm a lucky woman, finding myself with fine friends, family and relationships that are rich, varied and satisfying on so many different levels.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Process - Enamel Bracelet

I'm starting to work on a new piece that has been floating around in my head.

Here's the preliminary sketch.

And here's the beginning.

Like some of the earrings I've already done the rectangles will remain silver.  The rounds will be cupped and placed randomly but with perhaps a bit of wave.  I plan to cut out a slot in one to allow an enameled round to slide into it, making the bracelet design almost seamless.

Happy dreaming!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Me and the boys

Despite their best efforts at being cute Dandy and Bode haven't gotten much attention lately.

One or both of them will be squeezed under the desk in my studio as I work. Or lounging around my feet someplace during the day, under my bed at night, always there, always happy, just waiting for some fun.

Dandy waiting patiently for someone to notice him, maybe drop a cookie.  We call this face plant on toy.

Bode adored the baby, we think.  Or maybe he just thought we'd brought him a really active squeak toy.  He licked her feet and brought his own toys to her and once or twice I caught him heading out the door with her toys in his mouth.  He is the baby after all.

Dandy being regal.

Bode in his favorite spot, right next to the baby but about as close as we would let him.  GBelle did great with her first dogs.  They barked and she would jump but never showed any fear and pulling whiskers was fascinating.

Dandy doing his Yoga, upward facing dog.

I'm cutting big pieces of silver into small pieces, getting ready for another enamel marathon.  The hustle bustle has calmed down a little.  A few days to breathe before the landscapers come on Friday and start making some sense of my sad little backyard.  Add some dirt, contour the ground, move the water fountain, make a path, mulch heavily to keep down the dirt, should be interesting to watch.  I think the immediate best thing will be having the fountain functional again and watching the birds play in it from the deck.

I've been happy and yet, deep down I've got a case of the blues.  Nothing that can or should be fixed easily. I've had less patience for silly things that I normally would ignore.  Which makes it a good time to immerse myself in my studio  I'll make some pretty things, refine it all down to things I can control, like which color to use.  I scored a big box of vintage enamel powders and once I found out how awesome they were I ordered more.  Midnight anyone?

Peace my dear ones


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Four generations

What fun that we are able to get a picture with four generations.  My Dad was in his 30's when he had me and I was in my 30's when I had her so it's a good thing she didn't wait until her 30's or we might have missed it.  Of course, my Dad is hale and hearty and will probably still be doing his thing into his 90's, may it be so.

And even though she's not directly related to us by blood, she is certainly related to us by love.  We are so lucky to have them both in our lives, we are richer for their love, counsel and encouragement.

They've gone back to Austin today.  I am bereft.   Even the boys seem subdued and a bit quiet, we all miss them.


Monday, June 03, 2013

Love and dirty diapers

So much love, this week has been a festival of love, a circus of laughing, a shopping cart filled with balloons and noisemakers.

This little one is so beautiful, but how can she be otherwise with a Mother like this?

I'm so lucky.


Sunday, June 02, 2013


This is one of my new bracelets.  I feel like I'm finally getting some decent images.

This is a deep beautiful amber over fine silver textured with a riveting hammer, looks like rain on metal.


They will be up on my website soon and available in the Gallery.


She's got sparkles built into those eyes.

The light blue with the dark rings around, wow!