Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Biscuits and Groovy

The three of us hanging out at one of our favorite places, big old biscuits, cream gravy with sausage and eggs, yum.

Then things got silly.
My kids crack me up.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Austin Daze

It's a weird blend of family fun, wishing I was home, not wanting to ever go home, sleepless nights and peaceful days.

I talked to other Grandmothers who experience the same thing with far away family, which helps keep me from feeling guilty for wanting to be home.  I love the space I've crafted in Grass Valley, it nurtures my soul in so many ways, peaceful, beautiful, serene, right smack in the middle of hiking trails and my funky little town, my gallery and the trees, the sturdy pine, the oaks and maples and liquid ambers.  My dogwoods will be done with their fall show by the time I get home in December, but then I've got snow to look forward to and I'll have to run out and shake the limbs so they don't break.

This month is two years since I bought my house.  Now that the deck is built and the yard is shaped up a some there are very few things to do.  A few old windows to replace and down the road a hot tub in the backyard.  I want to sit there in the dark, watching the moon flirt between the trees and hoping to hear the coyotes sing in the distance.

I've reached my nutso point not working.  Today I'll drag out some metal and see if I can do something with it.  Missing my studio with my bench the most, the ease of reaching for something and knowing it's right there in it's place makes it difficult here.  Oh well, quit being a whiner, that's not what this trip is really about.

In three weeks I'll be home.  There will be a major reorganization because my young housemate will be moving out.  I'll miss her but having a really nice guest room is the positive aspect.  The negative will be finding house sitters while I'm away because I never leave the house empty, in cold country it's too easy to have a heating failure and come back to a burst pipes disaster.  I like spending time here so I've got to make it work.  I'm so lucky to be able to craft this lifestyle, it satisfies my wandering nature.

Last night my son Grant came over and charmed the little lady.  He was thrilled.  She grabbed his shirt and would not let go.  We know she's missing her Daddy a lot but he'll be home soon.

Have you ever heard of private dinner clubs?  We have one in Nevada City called Polly's Paladar.  They put on amazing feasts once a month.  The next one is called The Perfumed Garden.  I'll be there.

And the annual Small Works exhibit at Artists Studios in the Foothills is going on right now.  Don't miss this if you can get there, it's fabulous!

And, I've shamelessly lifted this photo of Eddie the Elf's house which is located in Nevada City, CA.  Here's his facebook page Eddie the Elf.

Eddie has been charming children and adults for 28 years now but this is his last year.  Evidently he's been promoted at the North Pole.  If you want a magical visit this is your last chance, be prepared to wait.


Saturday, November 09, 2013

Rock Star in Training

Right now Raffi is her main man but she also gets her groove on from Bob Marley.