Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's all good!

I'm getting caught up.

Too many not fun but important things taking up my time. Car, dogs, technicolor toes (not broken), hanging pictures, yearning for my studio, this and that.

Here's a picture of me and my '74 260Z somewhere around 1977.  Yeah, those are Earth shoes, cords, flannel shirt and seriously straightened hair.
I'll be back soon.

I have to show some of the enchanting houses in Nevada City.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Good morning Nevada City!

I know I'm getting old when I get up at 6am and actually take the dogs for a walk.  

Oh well, but it's really cool and nice this morning.  My light jacket felt good and we had a great time.  It's like the whole town belonged to us and the few shopkeepers washing down their patios, stocking their shelves and of course, the local coffee shop open for business, hallelujah!  We stopped for a nice cuppa and sat outside in the sun and enjoyed a rare moment of a peaceful Broad Street.  

The roses are really starting to bloom, every color and many different scents, though they don't smell as much when it's cool.  Later on when it's get warmer they really smell great.

Last night I took a friend to see a local production of The Full Monty.  I remember loving the movie but not really getting most of the dialogue, the thick Irish accent was difficult to decipher. (Or was it English?)  It was great fun, the seats were practically all full and the crowd good humored and laughing, willing to participate in the fun.  Only two more nights, go see it if you can.  What a luxury to walk up to the theater and walk home in the starry night.

Here's the view out my patio, with Bode posing and a few of his toys which he must scatter about his porch.

Time to start the day.

Happy day to you and yours!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City woman

Brings to mind one of my favorite songs...

It's not exactly a big city but it sure is different for the boys and me.  If we are phone friends my landline number has changed, email me for the new one.

Still cleaning out the Treehouse which isn't fun.  The mini Treehouse is really great, last night was quiet and peaceful, the other residents seem mature and settled.  Unfortunately the men on both sides of me smoke, oh well.  If they can put up with the boys growling at every cat that saunters by then we can deal too.

Pictures soon of city life with corgis.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last night in the Treehouse

It's been very much fun living here.  The summer nights are beautiful.  We're looking forward to living in Nevada City but we will miss this place.

Happy Father's Day to all those lucky men out there who have been privileged to share their lives with children.  I know a lot of children who are very lucky indeed to have had a great Father or Step Father or Grandfather.  

Men who step up and do the right thing.  
Men who love even when they don't understand.  
Men who live their life with an inner set of rules.
Men who become beacons for others to follow.
Men who evolve.
Men who hold your hand and lend a shoulder to cry on and sometimes cry with you.
Men who laugh.
Men who are not afraid of the scary things in the dark.

I'm very thankful for my Dad and for the steady man who parented him.  I'm thankful for my children's Father.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help please! - June 19th - He's been found and is home!

I think you know that Cardigans are near and dear to my heart. If you live in this area please keep a look out, thanks!


Date: 2011-06-14, 6:17PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

His name is Finnigan. He is Micro-chipped. Color is Brown/Reddish
with a pure white chest, and white from his nose up between his
eyes ending on top of his head. He escaped from a fenced yard
at 46th SW Trenton. Last sighting was Saturday night at 37th
and Barton. Help is needed to find him.

  • Location: WEST SEATTLE
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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Bears and snow and mountains, oh my!

It was gorgeous up in Downieville.  I saw this cute little guy romping madly down the highway.  You'll hear the dogs go Ballistic.
And then he finally headed up the hill.
The next day we went higher up, past Sierra City, lots of snow there still.  The boys had a great time romping and chasing and sniffing up some bear poop.  Here's Bode posing on a big bank of snow.
Now we're back, moving and arranging and loving life in general.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chaos reigns.

Yikes, as if it's not bad enough to be moving but I'm also moving into a separate studio space and it's making me crazy.  Add in some pressure like the need to be able to find materials for a class I'm teaching next week and trying to keep the Treehouse presentable so they can show it to potential, ah, renters and watch me run.

Which means it's even more important to have some mental health time.  We're heading out to Downieville to see our favorite guy.  We're going to work on some projects, spend some quality time together, see some new places and tomorrow go to a Potluck.  Warning, I may not ever come back...

After all, tomorrow is another day.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New address!

Yes, I have a place to live.  I got the cute little apartment in downtown Nevada City and it's even better than I first thought.

The gardens out back are HUGE, with rock steps and hidden places with tables and benches and places to light fires.  It's magical, you cannot believe that one block away is the main drag of Nevada City.

It's got an enormous porch/deck with lots of sun and it even has blinds already installed.  It's just begging for a nice table and maybe a couple of comfy chairs.  There are planter boxes ready to be filled with herbs and flowers.  And lanterns, need those too.  And candles for the table, flickering softly while we have food and drink and laugh softly into the dark night.

I started moving things in already.  Tomorrow I'll give the whole place a scrub down (not that it's that dirty) and start putting things in cupboards.  Today I spent a couple of hours on the phone starting and stopping the various services and changing addresses everywhere, at least I got it started.   Sucks that I can't keep my landline phone number, which means 500 brand new business cards need to be tossed in the recycle bin.  Maybe I should use my cell phone this time, duh.

So I feel about a million times better, this last week has been stressful.  I'm more than irritated with the manipulations of my present landlord but am comforted knowing that those who do bad things to good people will be rewarded in kind.  I'm very glad to be moving.

The weather is stunning, it actually got to 70 degrees today.  A muddy walk through the Empire Mine felt good.

Last night was awards night at pistol league, my Expert team came in second!  Not bad considering two of us on the team were brand new.  We start again in July, can't wait.  We did some shooting for fun, team relays and shooting at strange things, loved it.  The food was good too, potlucks are always the best.

Life is good.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Is the opposite of Homeless Homemore?

Yesterday immersed myself in strawberries and cherries trying to hold off the worry.  I managed to make 11 half pints of strawberry jam and three of cherry preserves, my summer of fun and food is starting off well.

Well, almost..there is the need for a place to live, soon. I was calling people and not getting replies, emailing with no result and the one house I saw and loved I knew it was too remote for me.

Later on I called a couple of apartment listings and actually got to talk to a person right away who said I could go and see the empty apartment. Sooooo, see it I did and it's looking good.  It's completely not what I wanted but I believe in keeping an open mind to see where it takes me.  This little apartment is practically in downtown Nevada City, has a huge garden area out front which will suit the boys, plus it's funky and fun and even has a nice big porch/deck.  Of course, no garage but there is off-street parking, the two bedrooms are really one and a half and I'm sure several other reason why I shouldn't want it, but I do.

Imagine living right downtown in a wonderful, historic, funky mountain town filled with musical events, bars, restaurants, shopping, unusual characters and whatnot?  I think it's just perfect for me right now.  I'm ready to walk the boys all around and greet people, to wander out in the evening to find some music or a play or just some conversation.  Sounds really great to me.  I'll be moving my studio to a safe and secure location surrounded by other artists so that's taken care of.

So keeping my fingers crossed...


Friday, June 03, 2011


Oh bother, it's time to move again.

I haven't found a house.  My lease is up at the end of the month and it looks like the option to go month to month won't work. Sooooo, time to find something else.  I'm going to seriously downsize, put some stuff in storage (along with the shipment from MN), move my studio to ASIF and then keep searching for my own place.

It's a total pain in the behind but will work out better for my pocketbook, the propane bills in the Treehouse are outrageous.  Which is to be expected with 30 year old doors and windows that badly need to be replaced.

So here's my wishlist, no lease, one to two bedrooms, wood stove, garage, a yard with squirrels for the boys, close to town, not smelly, a shower, a place for a washer and drier, friendly neighbors.

We'll see what happens, something always works out.

Everything else is fine.

The Goddess necklace is almost done and ready to show off.

I've been clearing out little things to make ready for some resin work.

My friends are the BEST, as always.  They wrap me in their love and concern, talk to me, cook for me, laugh with me, cry with me and let me stick my nose into their lives on a regular basis.

To be good for another, that's the goal.  Not to give up our own needs and wants and desires, but to bring those to the circle of two and still be good for another.  I've been guilty of this often, submerging my own needs and wants and desires so that someone else could be happy.  Because it's always been all my fault if things didn't work out, yeah I know, stupid at best, destructive and life threatening at worst.

The hard part is knowing yourself enough to be able to recognize those essential things.  I know more now, not all but more.  I trust my heart to guide me.  It seems to be my head that keeps stepping in with stupid stuff, reading too much into things, imagination runs amuck, inhibitions hold me back, old habits block new joys.

That's my task, delightful as it is, live for now, quit thinking so much, feel more, express more, let everything else go, stop being a bystander and become fully a participant in this dance.