Friday, November 27, 2015

The day after...

Still in the post Thanksgiving stupor, but enjoyed it nonetheless. My dear family collaborates to cook a great meal with the single exception of their inexplicable love for nasty mass produced pies. The good thing about that is absolutely no temptation to serve up a plate of pie covered in whipped cream, save on some calories and then there's room for more turkey and dressing.

Life is lovely and busy and full of friends and family and endless incredible hours of burning metal. This is the latest and one of my all time favorites, golden rutilated quartz in sterling silver.

It's called the Clouds pendant, the holes in the back plate let the light through and look like bubbles through the stone. I'm very happy with this one and plan on a small series of pendants and earrings.

Staying home this holiday, the first in several years, might have to string up some lights.