Friday, October 31, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Summer Recap

The summer of 2014 is over...

The star gazing couch is tucked away. This magical place on the deck has continued to delight me and those that visit me. There were so many touching and wonderful meetings there, drinks, laughter, peace, blissful star watching, can't wait until next May when we start again.

 Traveling and fun galore. Texas in May was a delightful mix of exploring, including a visit to the Carlsbad caverns and lots of baby time.

Since then they've moved into their own house, no more apartment, yay!

And then at the end of June our lives were rocked when my Dad had a stroke and we wondered if he'd ever be able to come home? He became even more my hero when he showed his warrior grit, climbing to his feet by sheer force of will, not once giving up or despairing but regaining his mobility faster than we ever thought possible.

When I look at him I see the warrior unbroken and unbowed, rising to his feet, shaking off his foes, slaying the ravening wolves of illness and age.  I know where my own warrior's heart comes from and what it's capable of. We choose dignity, we choose our own path, we shelter those around us and gain energy and joy from their love. I'm so lucky to have this man in my life.

Six weeks later we gathered to celebrate his 88th birthday and feted him in fine style, great food, tears of gratitude and happiness, tears of laughter when he started telling stories and others followed. It was a Grand celebration made even more special because my Son was here.

Grant at Scott's Flat Lake.

In early August my daughter and her guy got engaged in one of the most beautiful places in our lives, the cabin in Northern Wisconsin where we had so many great adventures.

The entire summer was magical, fine food and adventures with a fine companion. Polly's Paladar dinners and the Farm to Table dinner in Nevada City.

Scott's Flat Lake, Lake Tahoe, Fuller Lake and of course the Yuba river, not enough time but each one magical, cold water, warm hearts.

The magical Mini who named himself Hank moved from my Dad's house to mine and we quickly went off on an adventure to San Diego.

Then the Open Studio Tour and soon off to Texas for some baby time.

Some blessed rain has fallen, bringing soft sweet smells mingled with the wood fires already burning. I'm happily raking leaves and nestling into my blankets at night.

Finishing this entry from west Texas, delighting in time spent with my family.  Fall is in full swing and life is good.

Farewell summer, may the next one be every bit as magical.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busy Bee...

Oh yeah, remind me not to schedule a trip right after the Open Studio Tour.

Didn't make it, got sick, felt horrible, rescheduled the much anticipated Texas trip.

I cried and then realized that I needed some time to rest. So I rested, or I performed my version of resting which mostly means doing all the stuff that I couldn't do in the last few weeks.

The little background buzz of stress is gone.

The rains have started (hopefully they will continue strong) and the deck cushions are stored and the furniture is well covered.  Both vehicles, the FJ beast and the sweet Mini are both washed and waxed and scrubbed and they nestle nicely in the garage underneath the boats stored high in the rafters.

I started cooking soups and stews and made my first apple pie.

I got to a Ray LaMontagne concert and was totally mesmerized by his sexy sweet voice and his unusual and appealing musical arrangements.

Life is incredibly good and I'll be chasing my Georgia Belle next week.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Warmly successful...

The two big weekends of the Open Studio Tour are done and in my rear view mirror.

Quite often people ask me how I could possibly open my home to strangers and feel comfortable.

Sometimes before the tour I have a few misgivings but once it's begun and all those lovely people start to come smiling through my front door it's all good.

They say that strangers are just friends that you haven't met yet.  I would say from experience that it's so true.

These two weekends were filled with warm hearts, friendly smiles, child like delight and new friends in the making.  And a charming grateful feeling came from all, that I invited them into my home.

So the feelings of exhaustion and stress are more than balanced with all those wonderful feelings and I'm left tired but so happy and recharged to continue to create.

Thank you for coming to see me. Thank you for allowing me to share my personal space. Thank you for slipping so carefully and sweetly into my life for a brief moment. Thank you for lighting up my heart with so much love and kindness. Please stay in touch.

Don't be a stranger, ya hear now?


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Open Studios 2014

It's that time again!

Second weekend coming up. I'm slashing and burning through older inventory.  I'll be concentrating more on fine silver and enamel works.

Come see me!