Saturday, April 16, 2016

There and back again...

Ah, back to my little cottage, which is wrapped in petals of white and bright dots of pink.

My bestie  and I are awash in pink enamels, determined to find that alchemical combination that will fire true. Bring me pinks and lavenders, all soft and sweet! I've been cutting paper and copper to find the next few parts of my imaginary garden. Having time to explore is one of the best things in my life. I've been rearranging my overbooked schedule so I have those ultimately productive hours. It's not possible for me to fit creativity into some small block of time. In my wanderings over the last month my Muse showed me the expanses she craves and I took it to heart.

I woke up here one cold spring morning and felt so extraordinarily alive. My heart expanded and my thoughts clarified (even as my lungs labored a bit at 7800 foot altitude). From there it was get home, get to work, got things to make, ideas began to coalesce into reality.

I finished this as soon as I unpacked.

And then started the experimentation:

More soon I hope!