Monday, January 29, 2018

Drawing to a close...

Or, what the hell am I gonna do with all these leaves?

The bounty of rain last winter made for lush maple trees but I swear my back yard is knee deep right now.  Of course I exaggerate and wish dearly that this winter is as wet and wonderful as the last.

As 2017 draws to a close I get to reflect on the year past which was mostly wonderful and filled with fun.

My work as joyful, my skills improving each time I fire up the torch or grab my saw. I love it when a long time customer says she's liking the direction I'm headed. I think I'm more confident in being able to actually make the things that float around in my head. I've experienced more success while pushing to my limits.

This happened recently...

I'm not sure how many I'll make but it was fun and I'm keeping this one for me. My son wants one next.

I'm taking time to explore more stone setting and my love affair with turquoise. I finished this Wednesday this week and sold it on Thursday at the gallery, to a long time customer. This one was hard to let go of but to see it on the hand of such a nice lady was especially gratifying.

I've taken the time to learn about good turquoise and through the web have been able to buy superior stones directly from the miner/cutter/cabbers, which about the only way you can be completely certain of the quality of any stone. You pay more but it's certainly worth it. Why spend days setting a stone knowing it's a dyed piece of junk?

My family is healthy and happy doing what they do, living life, building memories, learning that loving is compromise and seeking to understand as well as being understood. I take that to heart also, knowing that the rough times make the easy times so much sweeter. I revel in each moment of looking into my loved ones eyes while we share a meal and holding hands, whether they are large and strong or small and soft.

I've been thinking a lot about cherishing each moment and each person in this minute because the next might not be here. I love the holidays, each light display, each bit of greenery, each present wrapped and sent or placed under my silly little tree. I love the gatherings and the songs, ooooh, Christmas songs, which I find myself singing softly wherever I go. I'm not the least bit religious but who cares, beauty and love is powerful no matter the root.

And while I love the holidays I recognize that it's not completely joyful for everyone, me included. I am grateful for my strong shoulder who is available when the sadness of missing overwhelms me. It's okay to be sad, to miss family and friends who won't be with us these days.

Compassion. Being as gentle as possible with ourselves and those around us, offering help to the weary, a hug to the lost, and finding time to center myself between the green trees and the blue sky. It's all good.

Peace to you and the happiest of bright New Years!