Friday, January 28, 2011

Marathon Skating

One event down, one to go today.  Twelve hours of events tomorrow then two on Sunday and home on Monday.

I am completely enjoying every minute of this trip but come Monday I will be extremely happy to get back to the Sacramento airport.  I've been thinking how great it's going to be to fire up my Ace and head back up into the mountains.  My two fur faced friends will greet me leaping and barking and trying their short best to lick my face.  I'm going to pour a large glass of water (time to dry out) and stand out on my deck and just breathe in the quiet and the clear sweet air.

On Tuesday I'll take them for a really long walk, probably down to the Yuba River.  And then I will disappear into my studio for the next week.  I've gotten into an artist's coop in downtown Grass Valley and will be moving my jewelry in on the following Monday.  Lots to do in that week, it's going to be fun and productive. 

Life is good, there is a lot to look forward to, new places, new people, new experiences, it's good, walking through the fire is hard but can be done. 

Peace, sometimes we give it, sometimes we take it, sometimes we make it.

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