Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Toes

I know she's thinking, "Quit giving me shit about not talking, crawling or can't do this.

She's right, I can't get my toes in my mouth anymore.

Right now I will bet there are people reading this wondering how close they can get their toes to their mouth. Go ahead, I'll wait....

Good for you if you even tried.

I'm in a quirky mood, tired because she's not in a great sleeping mood right now, but we laughed so much today.  We were here -
 lounging around after a two mile walk.  She was rolling back and forth, sucking on a cold ring we bought (yikes, teething?) and babbling away at us lesser mortals.

It was joyful and something I will never forget.  One of those moments you will hold forever.

I've been thinking about those moments.  The times and the people we hold forever in our hearts and minds. I found one of those people recently, or rather he found me.  We have a history characterized by insanely beautiful highs and brutally devastating lows.  We hope that age and experience will allow us to merge those extremes and produce a calm sense of serenity for our future together.

Together we share enough brain power to run a small electric plant, enough joy in life to share with all of our loved ones and enough love in our hearts to heal even the worst hurts we've caused each other.  This time we know how much we value each other, the rest will be a bit of hard work but not impossible.  I've promised not to take the easy way out.  The reward will be knowing that love has replaced loss and pain.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Two days to go...

And it's raining
drinking coffee
Out on the porch
cover the couch
bring in the cushions
and rugs
wet socks
hummingbirds dance
cool breeze
blows through the door
chat with a girlfriend
far away
for you
fly to me.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hot off the Bench

I do manage to get work done occasionally.  I've been hard at work trying to get these done for their debut at the Sierra Festival of the Arts in downtown Grass Valley today.

This is an expensive line, glass enameling is costly in both materials and time.  I've been working on some smaller and more affordable pieces, the necklaces are a good example.

I can't wait to see how they go today, being there will give me some feedback.


The count down...three days to go...

...before my girls are here!

This will be Georgia's second airplane ride, the first she took to Florida for her Grandpa's retirement party.  She will be coast to coast before she's six months old, that's my girl!

I can't wait to rub my face on that soft baby head and hug my beautiful daughter.

I can barely keep up with the joys in my life right now.

Last night I stood outside in the moonlight dancing through the trees and knew she was smiling at me. Thank you, Great One, for so many blessings.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Me and GBelle

Do I love being a Grandmother?

GBelle says, "Hey! Let's party!"

Only five more days and they are here, woot!



Today I'm thinking about the people in my life.

The ones who hit hard and in the merging left little parts of themselves and took little parts of me.

Men and women, very few, they can still make me cry but not from pain or sadness.   They filled my well with cool, clear water and can again make it overflow, washing away the everyday dirt, leaving clarity and joy behind.

When I hear from them the time apart just disappears and we are again having coffee on the patio or scenting the cool ocean breeze, agonizing over costume colors, steaming up the truck windows, shivering in an ice rink, laughing, crying, so much love, so much.

Now, here in my happy place, I realize that I can imagine you here, that I've created a setting that you would know and love, one that would embrace you as I do.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Profound - Having intellectual depth and insight.  Synonyms: abstruse, arcane, esoteric.

Postulate - To assume or claim as true.  Synonyms: hypothesize, premise, presume, suppose.

Prestidigitation - Slight of hand.  Synonyms: conjuring, legerdemain, magic.

Puissance - Strength and power. Synonyms: Energy, firepower, force, horsepower, might, muscle, potency, vigor.

I know, it's weird but you should try living in my head every now and then.  The colors are really pretty and things float around, sometimes begging for attention, sometimes just hanging there, shining, waiting.

I love words and their meanings, they are the balsamic vinegar of life, the essence of basil in the nose that spills from the tongue to fill the ears with it's fragrance.

Imagine it all mixed up, colors that burst in the mouth, textures that stroke the visceral insides, emotions that paint the eyes, sounds that swirl like dust devils around my body, that silken feel of skin, the cerulean sea.

It's cool this morning.  I shivered when I got up.  The coffee tasted fine.  The boys are ready for a good long walk.

We go.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Donner Lake

Sitting on a public pier with my boy, talking about music and life, basking in the sun, doesn't get much better.

Peaceful days

Monday, May 13, 2013

Riot of fun

My son flew into town last Friday and so far it's been non-stop fun.

Friday we stopped to see his Grandparents first thing and later went out for beer and ended up in Nevada City at the Crazy Horse for some really good blues music played by local folk.  I can't tell you how happy I am that the Crazy Horse is open as a bar/music venue again.  I was dancing there in my early 20's and now I see my young friends enjoying it there.  I guess the only rant I have is the men my age trying to move in on my 21 year old housemate and her friends, really?  WTF?  Don't they realize how creepy they are?  And they also didn't realize how close they were to getting stomped, first by me and then by my son, but we played nice and ignored them for the most part.  I'll expand on this sometime in another post.

Saturday we went to breakfast with family again and then to the Range to see Frank Whaley's new ultrasonic gun cleaning machine in person.  And of course I had to bring in something to be cleaned, wow!  It's pretty slick.  If you want a really clean and oiled firearm this is the place to go.  We also did some target practice.  Later we wandered up to the Independence trail for a nice stroll down to Rush Creek, saw lots of newts in the water and several different wildflowers, the fairy lanterns were in abundance.  Then home to clean up and back to Nevada City to Lefty's Grill for some really good food.

Sunday - Mother's Day - A family gathering, first large meal on the new deck, bubbly and oj, fruit salad, Goat Cheese Egg Bake and Grant's famous apple pannekoeken.  What a heavenly way to spend a couple of hours, surrounded by young and old in a beautiful setting.  I didn't even have to do the clean-up.  And then I took a long nap.  In the evening we drove to Sacramento to Harlow's to see a group called Yo La Tengo, which to my musician son was intriguing, he called them one of the pioneers of Indie Rock.  I can't say I loved them but after their first slow set they did a rockin' second set that made me like them a lot.

And along the way I've gotten to hear the entire new album from Little Radar, which is not out yet but will be I think by early August.  It's incredible.  I hope I can get to Austin for the release party.

Today we're sleeping in and will go to Truckee for some exploring.  I have an ulterior motive in this because Truckee has the only good bagel place within two hours of here.

Tomorrow he goes back and I will start missing him again.


Enameling - Colors Bracelet

I'm really proud of this piece.   It doesn't really have a name yet but that will come to me.

My son brought me his good camera and hopefully soon my pictures will be better.  I like this very simple quick shot, more artistic is down the road.

This bracelet feels so good, heavy and cool and colorful.  I always test drive new stuff to look for flaws and problems.  I wore this to dinner the other night.  Every now and then I would look down and get absorbed by my arm candy.  It's fairly big but can be smaller by removing a square.

The other two bracelets are gone already, this week I'll be back to make more of those in different sizes, what fun.


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Enameling - Finished

At least these two are finished.

I think these are two of the most beautiful things I've ever made.  The white specks on the top bracelet is sunshine glinting, even in the shade they pick up the light.

The top is called "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and the bottom one is called "Moon Dance".

I feel like I'm electric.