Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cool, clear water...

I've been feeling a little ragged around the edges.  Which usually means it's time to find some water.  I took the boys down to the Yuba River at Bridgeport.
It's a long way down.  I want to be right on that beach across the way, with a sleeping bag and a fire.
This is the path back up, I like up more than down.  I don't want to fall when I'm alone, no phone service here.
Bode is so glad someone turned the faucet on so he can wade along the path.
This is dry in the summer, I imagine there is a pool at the top.
This video gives you an idea of how noisy it is, it's so beautiful.

Water fascinates me.  It's essential to our bodies.  It soothes and lulls, the slap of water against the side of a boat is incredibly calming.  But it's terrible too, never safe, unceasing, able to move boulders, grind rock to sand, wear down walls of stone and smash unlucky boats into scrap.

Peaceful day to you and yours.

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