Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Today my little one, the terror of the house, noisy, bossy, pushy, Mr. Happy, tail whirling, always laughing, never stopping, always willing, smarter than a whip, funny, sweet, beautiful, big hearted Bode turns two years old.

I have to admit that if he'd been my first Cardigan I never would have gotten a second one, luckily he was second, so there won't be a third.  He keeps Dandy on his toes and sometimes tortures him unmercifully, until Dandy climbs in my lap for safety. He sticks his nose into every tree and bush and invariably comes home with every tick in the forest, gazing at me sweetly from the back seat with several crawling around on his nose, blech.  He's also the one to come up and lean in for a scratch and he loves to sleep at my feet and under my bed at night.

He's quite a handful but we like him.



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