Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When in doubt, shoot.  I needed some extreme focus combined with a splash of violence so I went to The Range and shot lots of holes in blue targets.

Last time I went I bought a nice pair of ear protectors that have electronic voice assist and also have a plug in for my Ipod, how cool is that?  So I cranked up the music (Steve Earle) and spent a very happy hour trying to be better.  The self defense pistol is light, draws hard and long and has a short barrel so it's the most challenging to be accurate with.  It's not impossible but it is challenging.  The big .357 Magnum makes you feel like a bad ass and shoots easily and accurately.

For some reason I feel much better, what's with that?

It's all good.  I only think I'm in control.  Which makes me do stupid things. But in my own defense I think I get most frustrated when I feel undervalued.  That's when my heart starts to hurt, takes over, shuts down my brain and starts throwing the good china.

Music tonight at the Holbrooke, yeah!  I need it.  See you there huh?


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