Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gallery Days

Today was my day to work at the Art Works Gallery in GV.  It's so much fun to meet new people.  Today is warm and sunny so we had the doors open, which meant the people watching was good and I actually got to hear what was going on outside.

After closing I wandered down the street to the Lucchesi winery tasting room, said hi to my friend there and tried both their Pinot Grigio and the Tempranillo, both lovely wines.  I also picked up my wine club member shipment and then I headed home to my furry boys.

BIG NEWS!  We have a contract on the house in Minnesota!  Woot!  Which means I'll have my lovely red Pottery Barn furniture here by the end of June.  And my floor lamps and my books and the remainder of my embarrassingly huge fiestware collection.

It also means I'm going to get serious about finding myself my own house.  I don't mind renting but I'm yearning to have my own place.  A place to paint in any color I feel like.  A place to plant my own flowers and see them grow.  A place to start making memories in my new life.

I believe in sending wishes out into the universe.  She will hear me and provide what she knows I need.  I think I need a smallish place that I can make beautiful, serene and sort of eclectic.  A place to fill with laughter and love, with bare feet on wood floors, lazy loving on hot nights, sunshine in the morning drinking coffee on the back patio, roses and jasmine and rosemary and sage, a place for the boys to be in the back yard, maybe a garage with a workshop upstairs, a wall of books, a woodstove for cold winter nights, a kitchen for cooking small intimate meals and sometimes big feasts, a place to drink wine and dance to music, a place to sit and listen, a place to grow and give whatever is needed to those I love, a place for my heart.

Is that too much to ask?

I don't think so, it's just enough.

Peaceful dreams and joy to you.


  1. Ok, now I am worried, you have been quiet for far too long. Maybe working and being happy does not agree with you. I consulted the other 2371 loyal followers of your blog and they agreed to a person that I should inquire as to your well being.


  2. L. Man, you are a slave driver. It's only been three days, let a woman play a little please! Many photos and vids of the race weekend are coming shortly.