Tuesday, March 08, 2011

First Night

Well, my first night of shooting league was good and bad.

So here's the scenario.  I'm borrowing a pistol because mine has to be re-gripped to accommodate the speed loaders and while I have my own belt I'm also borrowing a holster to fit the borrowed pistol.  I haven't had much practice with speed loaders either.

In the first sequence we shoot 12 rounds at 7 yards.  The buzzer goes off and my brain goes off too. I'm just trying to remember to point the pistol in the right direction. I fumble around with the speed loader and while I shoot ok, I run out of time with two shots left, minus 20 points, ouch!  I remember to breathe as we are walking out of the range.....heart pounding, hands shaking, why am I doing this?

In the second sequence I have a misfire (a bullet that doesn't go boom when you pull the trigger) but I do better with the speed loader.  However, I have one zero shot which means my misfire is counted as a zero too, damn. I think I remembered to breathe at least once.

We discover that the misfire is caused by a slightly sticky trigger.  They caution me to pull it cleanly and release.  I'm like, "Yeah, right."

In the third sequence we shoot at a moving target and here I just lost it, had another misfire, didn't even get to my second six shots, get help from the Boss.

Ok, all done, get lots of encouragement and congratulations for finishing the night.  Feel pretty damn good even if it wasn't a stellar debut.  Set up a lesson for later in the week and it looks like I may be able to use my own pistol for next week.

Get home, drink a glass or two of wine and relax, finally get my shaking hands and pounding heart to settle down.  Decide it was one of the most fun things I've done in quite some time.  I can't wait for next week.  I know I'll do much better.


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