Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainy day dogs

Well, it's getting to be nice here when it's only raining lightly.  So in desperation we headed out to play this morning, walked along the NID ditch, played some frisbee, squished some mud.

These pics show the boys personalities perfectly.  First, brave, rain hating Dandy.  He'll follow me to the end of the earth.  You can see how miserable he is.  "Please, can't we go in now?"
And then there is Bode, my mudder.  He's not only willing to tromp through rain, sleet, snow, mud, puddles, whatever, he doesn't even notice them.  It's all fun to him.  "Let's play, huh?"
My constant companions, playmates, bringers of smiles and laughter, cuddlers, foot warmers, great guys, both of them.  Love me, love my dogs...

Peace and smiles

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