Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snow in March

Well, things got a little exciting yesterday.  I was working a shift at the Gallery and this started.
And it kept snowing and snowing and getting deeper and deeper.  Now, since I've spent many years driving in snow I wasn't worried.  The drive home was very slow, this was a wet, heavy, extremely slippery snow.  Lots of little cars should not have been on the road, they eventually got stranded in the middle of the hills everywhere.  It was pretty though.
Then I got a bit cocky and tried to make it up my driveway.  Well, this is the top of the driveway I didn't make it up, the carnage is below along with my truck.  The good news is I didn't roll it, the bad news is yet to be determined, the bumper at least, hopefully that's it.  I knew that sooner or later the driveway and I would get into it, the driveway won, I admit defeat.

So I came in, said hi to the boys, talked to a couple of sweet friends, heated up my vegetable pastie for dinner, drank two beers and went to bed.

Now out to shovel some muck and see if I can get the driveway cleared off.


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