Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fun stuff...

This week I'm getting set up to start in a pistol shooting league next week.  I'm very excited.  I have to learn to use a holster and speed loaders and to shoot from different positions, around barriers, standing, kneeling, sitting and so on.  The people in the league are very friendly and I'm looking forward to interacting with them.

Yesterday I went to The Range and worked with one of their instructors.  He's a great guy, very patient and explains things very well.  I'll be using one of my Dad's old pistols, which makes it really special for me. I love learning new things and when it involves either cars, guns or animals I'm a very happy camper.

And...I'm starting a big production run of earrings and trying not to whine.  I much prefer building big heavy chain for bracelets or trying something new but I'm almost out of earrings and need to keep my stock up.  So I'll suck it up and get to work...tomorrow. Ha!

The rain and gloom of yesterday gave way to a really nice day today.  The day started well with breakfast with a friend who makes me laugh a lot and ended with a nice walk with the boys down the local irrigation ditch.  The turkeys are very active right now, we ran into a big troup of them being entertained by a tom turkey in full display, pretty and of course I didn't have my camera today, these are from a couple of days ago.

Peaceful dreams

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