Thursday, March 17, 2011


I do manage to get some work done here and there.  Today I managed to get these bracelets hammered, finished and tumbled.  They are going to Jewels on the River in Wabasha, Minnesota.
We took a nice walk along the ditch this morning.  After which I worked in the studio, went and photographed a house for an out of state friend and then hit the Range for some practice.  I got my target pistol checked and adjusted for accuracy, seems to have worked.  The six in the 9 area were planned, so it turned out pretty well.
Life is good, though I'm worried about a couple of friends that mean a lot to me.  I'm practicing patience and hoping for the best.  Often we can do no more than love someone, appreciate them for what makes them so interesting and appealing and look forward to seeing them again.  I got attached without knowing it, but isn't that the way things go sometimes?


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