Monday, April 04, 2011

Infineon Weekend or...

...I love the smell of race fuel in the morning!

Wow!  What a great weekend in each and every way.  I started by blasting my way through a couple of shops in Berkeley, my wine closet is now FULL and ready for some great dinners on the deck.

Then I met up with a very great friend and helped him celebrate his birthday with a margarita or two, Happy Birthday D!  Saturday morning bright and early we got to the track.  It was a CSRG - Classic Sport Racing Group weekend so it was impossible not to drool on most of the cars in the paddock.  Of course, the best are the Corvette's.
Warm up.  The man who keeps them moving fast.  He's really not as scary as he looks, that's his concentrating face.
Saturday night was more excellent fun and on Sunday my Mom and Dad came down for the day.
My Dad getting ready for a ride.
A good friend getting ready to go zoom too.  The best part is seeing their faces when they get back, BIG SMILES!
The weather was fabulous, sunny with a cool breeze.  I need more sunscreen and maybe a hat. The ZoomZoom noises are incredible.  I can't wait to go again.
So, today I'm back, happy to be in my Treehouse again.  This afternoon I'll be looking at some houses for sale, wish me luck!


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