Monday, March 21, 2011

Song for the day...

Today was toenail trimming day for Dandy and Bode.  They are pretty mellow about it.  I use a dremel and just sand them short and smooth.  I always try to stay calm and happy when I'm doing their nails. I sing them a song while we're sanding and it's always the same song, one of the finest of the old songs, El Paso by Marty Robbins.
I got a lot done today.  It was a very strange weather day, rain, sun, hail and a a beautiful sunset followed by more rain, sigh...
We're lonely around here lately, missing our laughing friend, nights are the worst.

Peace to you from me and mine.


  1. I have always loved El Paso. Never came across anyone named Felina. My wife is Mexican and we have a lot of relatives. Not a Felina in the bunch.


  2. L-Nice to hear from you! I always thought he was singing Calina, oh well. Growing up in CA, haven't ever heard Felina either, but still, the song is great.