Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I slogged though the book, loving the Italian eating (who wouldn't?), finding the praying part "meh" and the loving section in Bali just seemed too weird to be believed and the whole book was overshadowed by Liz's incredible self absorbed whininess.

But I found the movie very good, the 2 plus hours flew by.  Julia Roberts was good as usual, though I'm beginning to assign many of her expressions to other movies, as in "Oh look, she's playing the Runaway Bride," and in the scene where's she's having it out with Philippe she reminded me too much of the berserk Jean in the X-Men movie, right before she dissolved Xavier.

Again, I loved the Italian section, loved the people and the food but this time I like the praying section as they shortened up quite a bit of useless "I can't" wailing and made the Texan even better than he was in the book.  I was leaking tears all over when he told her his story and loved the part about forgiving yourself.  Then they automatically made the third part best by having Javier Bardem as the sexy Brazilian, holy s**t!

Interestingly, both Julia and Javier are fascinating to watch.  Neither have great features but they both swing from amazingly ugly to astonishingly beautiful in a second, making it hard to take your eyes off them.

Other than that it was a general clean-up day, the kitchen had a hangover from yesterday's wretched excess.  I did find these pics of Kirsten and me in San Francisco in March.

Love SF, loved living there and love to visit again.

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