Saturday, September 04, 2010

I forgot.


I forgot what's it like to have kids at home.

 I find myself a little impatient that my sister can't go with me on a walk or whatever.  It's just a walk, but she's got this to do and that to do and both of us are tired just thinking about her schedule.  So I say ok and head off by myself for some excellent adventure, which would be ever so much more excellent with someone to take along.


I have memories of a busy family, my boy out the door early for sports or music practice, my girl packing her bag for school and for our after school trip an hour away for skating.  And checking schedules with my spouse to remind him of the concert that night or whatever.

I forgot the mental exhaustion that came with managing schedules for a family of four along with various pets.

It was great fun actually, tough and exhausting but so rewarding to raise a great family and then send them off to live their lives.  And I'd do it all over if I had the chance.


I'm so glad it's you and not me.  I love the been there, done that of the whole thing.  I'm learning to be sort of selfish and it feels good.

I love having time to do things I love.  I bought a bag of fresh roasted chilies, washed off their peels and seeded them then layered them in a baking dish with cheese, some sauteed and chopped shrimp and a cream/egg mixture and topped it with some salsa before I baked it.

What do you think of my shrimp chili relleno casserole?

My big dilemma now is beer or white wine?


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