Friday, August 27, 2010

Glass Beach - Thursday

You would think that having a motel room on a public walkway at the beach would make for a noisy night.  Nope.  It closes at 10 pm and with the fog rolling in thick it's pretty cool anyway (50's) so it was a lovely sleep.  We got up early and headed out to Glass Beach and then downtown Fort Bragg.

Sometimes stupid things result in something quite intriguing.  In the 1940's residents turned this area into a public dump and for almost 30 years it conitinued until about 1967 when the dump was closed and relocated elsewhere and much of the obvious junk was removed.  However, the glass has been continuously washed and pounded and now covers whole sections of the beach.  There are still parts of cars imbedded in the rocks and a couple places looked a bit funky and scary but overall the beach is magical.

A close-up of the glass.

We continued walking to downtown and had a nice cup of coffee and a muffin outside a very nice coffeehouse, wish they would have had an outside dog friendly eating place, oh well.  I couldn't resist a couple of flower pics, this white flower smelled so sweet and was almost as big as my hand.
It was a great day!  We rested a bit and then drove over to the dog beach in Noyo Harbor and later went cliff walking.  Later we just sat outside and enjoyed the glitter of the sun on the ocean, at least I did.

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