Thursday, April 28, 2011

This and that...April in Grass Valley

The weather is getting better and better, though I shouldn't complain with all the carnage in the South.

I think these are trillium - I'm used to white flowers - these were really striking.
Lovely evening in downtown Grass Valley yesterday.  A drink at the beautiful Owl Tavern bar and then on my way to the Holbrooke Hotel for live music I saw this building.  I just stood there and admired it, wow!
Yes, that is wisteria trained so artfully all over the building.  The contrast between the lavender flowers and the peachy wall color was stunning.

Good day!  Off we go for various adventures!  Walks and some shooting today, then back into the studio, getting lots done there too.  And, maybe some truck washing, badly needed.

I love you all.  The disastrous tornadoes make me want to hug all my loved ones, ease the heartache, pour the cool water of love over us.


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