Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Signs of Spring

I suppose the first sign of spring is that it's not freaking raining, which is good because I'm sure I was growing moss between my toes.

Now the only rain is pollen, always nice for the companies who makes Claritin, Zyrtec or Flonase, bless them.  Otherwise there would be no breathing going on at all.

Yesterday we headed out for the Empire Mine loop.  It was beautiful and the dogs got a little more sniffing time as I'm gingerly walking on a least two large blisters from this weekend.  Any aches and pains are well worth it, it couldn't have been more fun or satisfying.

I found this little beauty down by Little Wolf Creek.  I love salamanders.
Down by the Mine entrance I saw this.
The color is just beautiful, the car is kinda cute too.

AND, then I shot 177 on the first sequence at league last night, woot!  Of course, the second sequence wasn't so great but I'll get there, it was only my fourth night of league.

These days and this weather make me almost giddy.  The breezes are cool and soft, lifting and rearranging the crazy strands of my hair, cooling my skin as we walk down sunny paths and through dense, quiet forests, wrapping the scents of the plants and the tangy dirt smells around me, it's heavenly. The dogs lift their heads and flare their nostrils to suck in the scent too and every now and then will circle and circle from one side of the road to the other, catching the meanderings of an animal gone quietly back into the woods.

Last night about 3am I woke up and opened the curtain so I could see the night sky from my bed. The stars were blazing and it was dark and still, no noises, all thoughts stilled in sleep, dogs wuffling softly.

I slept well and deeply, peacefully.

I wish the same to you.

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