Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Hike

FINALLY!  The sun came back today so we headed up to the Independence Trail for a really good hike.  I've been trying to find the connection from Jones' Bar back up to the trail and actually did today.  It's a pretty nice four miles loop with some fairly challenging ups and downs but it finishes on the handicap accessible trail which is ever so much easier on tired legs.

The best part is the quick, steep quarter mile down to Jones' Bar.  There are beautiful pools everywhere and lots of water for the boys to wade around in.

Saw some pretty wildflowers.
A pretty view from the road we were hiking up.
It wasn't until we'd walked under this downed tree that I turned and saw it was hanging in the air.  Jeez, quite the balancing act.  (Remember you can click on these photos and see them much bigger.)
Of course the two tick magnets managed to haul back twenty or thirty of the nasty little critters.  I picked them off, brushed them off and squished them, hope we got them all.

It was a great day, sunny and beautiful.  The dogs are still zonked out and I'm looking forward to a great night's sleep.  I also sat on my deck with a glass of wine and watched the sun set, it was glorious.


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