Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Face and Flowers

I found this photo of bode when he was a baby. He was about three months old and we were still taping his ears.
Some iris from my garden in Minnesota.  I'll be going back there in June so maybe I'll see some of them again.  I wish I could bring some to California but it's not allowed.

This is called Batik, they always come out in wildly different patterns.
This is a Beverly Sills (the pink) and another which I don't remember.
And this is called Throb, perfect name isn't it?
I hope you know that you can click on most of these photos and they will get much bigger.

Rainy day today, still, gotta head out with the boys for a little walk.

May your day be warm and filled with the beauty of nature and the laughter of friends.

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