Sunday, May 01, 2011

Car Show

It was a gorgeous day, sunny with a cool breeze and Grass Valley was packed with beautiful cars and people.
The combination of fine old cars lined up along streets filled with historic buildings was great.  I like the Corvette's, the Mustangs and the '56 era Ford and Chevy trucks.

This California Special Mustang was especially nice.
This one was my favorite - a Shelby Cobra, sexy little beast.
I ended up voting for a beautifully customized Mustang for People's Choice.  It was a great day!

May 1st - I'm looking forward to this month, lots to do, lots to see.
I have a couple of classes scheduled at Beads Galore (Beginning PMC).
I'll be traveling back to Minnesota to arrange to have some furniture shipped.
I'm going to enjoy every minute of this beautiful weather and hope, hope, hope that my house purchase plans come to fruition.

Right now, time for a walk around the Empire Mine, my companions are getting antsy.


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