Thursday, April 07, 2011

Working or Playing?

Yesterday I got back into my studio and found my passion and my joy waiting there, what an incredible feeling!

In the last few years my art has sheltered me in the midst of pain and uncertainty.  It's given me an outlet for my passion, love and creativity.  It's been my focus and my anchor.  It's kept me from flying apart in a million little pieces.

It's who I am.

I need to create and if I don't I become less.

I tend to forget.

Yesterday I whipped up a pretty little piece to donate to a fundraising event here in Grass Valley.
And I tore apart my favorite piece - Warrior's Heart - yet again to fix the balance.  Here's a shot of it after I applied the patina.
And after I polished off most of it - I prefer the silvery look.
I've also got a bigger project brewing and need some words for it.  Think of the people in your life.  Think of the one word that describes their character.  Tell me.  I've got Integrity, Compassion, Creative, Courageous....need more.


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