Saturday, April 09, 2011

Popcorn snow

WTF?  I've never seen such weird stuff, little balls of soft snow come plopping down on your head and car and EXPLODE!  It's like hail only not, hard to imagine.  This morning is blue and clear.

Searching for houses, some poor derelicts, some not bad.  Out here everything is either a short sale or a foreclosure, when you find a real house being sold by a real owner it's quite a treat.  I found one that seems perfect but we're looking at three more this next week.

Today I get to spend the whole day at the Range taking the concealed carry class.  It should be fun.  At least in my goofy world, last weekend race fuel, this weekend gunsmoke and oil.  If I could find horses to ride next weekend I would call it winning the trifecta, with lots of outdoor time in  between.

Peace to you

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