Monday, November 29, 2010

If dogs could talk..

they'd be saying something like, "For crying out loud, why are we doing a down stay when there are SQUIRRELS to chase."

I think we have to work on down stay more often.  It was a very cool morning with mist rising off the frozen ground, possibly the reason the pic is a little cloudy.  Or that my phone was in my pocket and fogged up, or that I got handcream on the lens, drat.  My heavy scarf felt so good this morning.

We go there once or twice a week so I'll try again.  I'd love to get them into an ore cart.  Unfortunately, with two it's like herding monkeys.

I'm making more silver blobs.  They are ever so much fun, maybe a little scary when the silver begins to pool and starts to move itself across the kiln brick, shimmering hotly, molten.

At what point in our lives do we begin to learn from others?  To feel the peace and kindness that radiates from a person and consciously decide to take that feeling into ourselves?. To let it breathe through our cells in hope that it will stay and expand into our lives and interactions? To witness the toxic pain and anger of a person and choose to learn how to be softer and kinder and more forgiving in our own mind? It seems that almost every day I see ways to improve and while I certainly continue to feel fear and anger and impatience I feel like I may be heading up a good path.  It's good.

Peace to you and yours.


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  3. I'm glad you find things you like. You are welcome here, enjoy!