Thursday, November 04, 2010

Water Wandering

We spent the day water wandering at the Yuba River again.  It's an exquisitely beautiful place and the day was beautiful too.

Most of the walk is on a four foot wide ledge hugging the side of the canyon.  It all gives me the willies but the boys just dog laugh at me and keep trotting along.  What do they know?  They're down low and wouldn't fall over if they stumbled.  Later in the wet season this river will be a bit different, safety warnings are posted all over.

This view of the river is much more to my liking and easier to get a drink too.  We like to climb all over the big rocks.  You would be amazed at how agile Corgis are, they jump up, down and over some pretty big rocks, and wiggle through small spaces.

The rock is smooth and polished and in places looks like piles of whipped cream.

We ended up wading in the water again. Along the way there were fig trees with large ripe figs.  The water was cold, cold, cold but felt so good.  Bode loved it and both dogs did a little swimming, mostly following me out.

Then we went home and took a nap.

The pile of pumpkins is getting a little smaller which means lots of pies later this winter.  Yum!

Peace to you.

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