Monday, November 22, 2010

Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail, Rain, Snow...

Oh goodie, winter in northern California is here.  I knew it had to hit sometime but the fantasy was nice. Luckily I'm a little lower in elevation so less snow here, though we did get enough for the boys to romp through.

I love the fall colors and this is my favorite tree so far, the sycamore.  I think the sycamore thinks it has to put on the whole fall leaf display.  Each tree has multiple colors with many of the leaves different colors.  No two sycamores seem to have the same colors either, they are spectacular.
But with the good comes the bad.  I've noticed after this last storm that many big limbs have broken off, so they must be rather fragile.

Thanksgiving week.  I hope so much that my family here can be together though it's not looking good. It's my first big holiday alone and I'm finding it terribly difficult.  The turkey is defrosting, later I'll brine it per Alton Brown's instructions.  Pumpkin pie made with real sugar pumpkin and cranberry sauce from real cranberries, orange and some walnuts for crunch, yum!  I've got a bag of walnuts to crack and shell.  I suppose I should have done that before I vacuumed, oh well.

Peace to you and to yours, a rare and fragile thing.

Edited - Those aren't sycamores, they are called Liquid Amber trees, whatever that is, they are always spectacularly.

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