Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fall at Empire Mine

This is such a beautiful place. (Little Wolf Creek)

A couple of weeks ago this little creek was just a trickle.  It's running nicely now and as the rainy season comes in it will be higher still.  It's very cool and damp here and the forest is heavy and sort of scary.  They have mountain lion warning signs so it's an interesting place to be, knowing something large and furry with unblinking yellow eyes may be watching.  Every now and then the dogs will stop and stare off into the woods and if you look close you'll see their noses flare as they suck in the scent.  What are they smelling?

I've been out of sorts lately, transitioning weather and life slowing me down a little. So this week I stacked up a bunch of fun things to do as a sort of perk-me-up.  Today I got a tour of my new health club and found the shooting range, what a strange combination to think of taking a Tai Chi class and then signing up for Basic Marksmanship. We'll have to talk about shooting and firearms in more detail later. Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut at a new salon I found in Nevada City, good thing as I'm a bit shaggy.  Thursday I'm looking at a couple of houses for sale, that's going to be fun.

Look at this huge nose, he's wanting me to do something and it's not sit on the chair and write.
Sweet Bode, maybe he just wants to head to bed, so we will and we'll snuggle and listen to the driving rain and acorns bouncing on the front deck.

Peaceful night to you.

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