Thursday, November 11, 2010

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Amazing what a nice haircut and brow wax will do for a girl.  For maybe 24 hours I'll have wonderful smooth hair with gentle wavy curls that dance around. Then I'll wash it and SHAZAM! back to my usual.  Which has been characterized by me as full blown dandlelion and by my kids as Mad Madam Mim (remember her from the Sword in the Stone?).  Oh the joys of curly hair.  Though I do have to say it's much better here than in ultra-humid Minnesota, this dry air is a bit hard on your skin but keeps the frizzies away.

I dipped my foot into the housing market and looked at two houses today, both built about the same time (1979/1980) but absolutely nothing at all alike beyond that.  I won't say much about the second house except, teeny rooms, cheaply built, no storage, no garage, fabulous view.  But the first house is sublime, well built, fabulous wood, great beams, quirky design, loved it.  Of course, I need to look at quite a few houses to get a feel for the different areas.  I might end up coming back to the first house, you never know.

Oh but gee, I can see myself living there.  Sigh....I just have to be careful because I've been known to choose with haste and repent with leisure, ok with carpet, bad with a house. Just so you know though, it's even more of a treehouse than I have now, every room has windows that reveal lovely trees, and the master bedroom has an inside balcony that overlooks a little forest.  It just needs a chaise, a soft wooly blanket and a cup of coffee for a nice afternoon rest.

Tonight I've been invited to go play Bunco(?), which sounds very fun and social so I'm ready for that.  Tomorrow is my metal clay class at Beads Galore in Grass Valley, another very exciting day or two as I love watching the light bulbs go on for people when they first play with this amazing material.

Talk soon!


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