Thursday, November 25, 2010


That's the word for the day.  We went walking at the Empire Mine this morning. The air is crisp, cold enough to make a fleece, scarf and gloves feel good. There's a really nice scent of woodsmoke in the air but it's not overwhelming.  The sun is out and the brightness feels good on my face as I walk.  The best part of of the walk is the crunch underfoot.  We've had a lot of water in the last few days and now it's lightly frozen. You'd have to get down on your knees to really see the amazing frosty world.  Can you see the pebble being lifted by the frost?

But two miles on my knees would have been difficult so I only stopped a couple times to take pictures.  The boys waited patiently.  We met another Cardigan Corgi on our walk, good old Walter who is 11 and still acts just as friendly and goofy as young Bode, if a little slower.

There is still plenty of color left though the leaves are falling fast now with the frost.

I've got my pies done, pumpkin and buttermilk, along with real cranberry sauce.  I think I'll break out the pomegranite syrup for the buttermilk pie, yum.

The best thing about a holiday is that friends seems to reach out more to connect.  We reflect on the blessings of our life and want to say thanks to those we love.

 There are so many degrees of thankfulness.  I'm thankful for my dogs and their constant attention in my life and for their joy in each day and their ability to warm my feet at night.  I'm thankful for my family and our deep history of laughter and tears and for the promise of our future together and the knowledge that eventually some will go ahead of us into the unknown.  I'm thankful for my friends and their cheery greetings and wise words and hugs in time of joy and trouble. I'm thankful for friends yet unknown and how joyful it is to be allowed to share our past lives in search of common ground.  I'm thankful for the beauty my eyes see everyday and for the ability to appreciate that beauty.  I'm thankful for the skill of my hands and the health of my body.  And I'm thankful that someone is making turkey and dressing.  Tomorrow I'll be thankful for all the above and cold turkey sandwiches with mayo and mustard.

Let the feasting begin!

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