Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When the Muse is on vacation...

Sometimes the Muse is just gone and since I can't turn on creative I have to attempt to lure her back.  This is a sketch I made on the plane from Denver.  The plane turned into a carnival ride and I was trying to distract myself in any way.
It's rainy and nasty, first I'll take the boys out for a short walk (thank goodness for golf umbrellas) and then I'll head into my studio to see what happens.

I'll do some clean-up and stay focused and see what happens.  Pictures to follow...

Here's some of the process on this piece.  Sketch clarification:
And some beginning cuts of textured fine silver:

Refining the design:
I've added some of the copper and fine silver overlay.  The design has changed from loose attachments to what will probably be rivets.  And these wonderful organic fresh water pearls.
At least you get the general idea.  The whole thing is still very crude, the copper will all be textured and then I'll flame each piece to get some nice patina.  The larger pieces of fine silver will be patinated with liver of sulfur, the top strips will have 24 k gold foil applied, the whole piece will be deep and rich with texture and color.  The joining will depend on how it fits the neck, maybe forged bars, maybe rings, we'll see.

I like it so far, the ideas are starting to fire away, which means I've lured my Muse back to play.

Peace to you and those you love.

Addition Tuesday at 5pm:

Starting to file and refine the edges.
I like it a lot so far.  The central piece will be over three inches long so it's not for the meek, but when has my jewelry ever been for the meek?


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