Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to the Project...

Well, the furnace has been out for two days so it's been less than fun to be downstairs in my studio.

However, things are better now and I've started up again with this project.  It's been refined, tumbled, lightly sanded with 3M Microfine, the holes are drilled and today I started to color up the various layers.  The bottom and biggest layer is just getting a LOS (liver of sulfur) bath to enhance the definition.  The copper layer I've torched a little to bring out some pretty copper colors.  The top layer is still to be worked on, those pieces will get 24 karat gold foil applied.

I got some nice color with the LOS, it's not consistent but sometimes surprising.

Some of the patina on the largest pieces will be rubbed off to allow the texture to show a little better.  I love the deep rich colors.


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