Monday, December 06, 2010

Caution! Cute Alert!

My first friend here in Grass Valley is my neighbor Alice.  I used to meet people through my kids, now I meet people through my dogs.  Bode LOVES Alice's Aussie Reese, they have a constant tussle going every time they meet.  It's so nice to have a friend.  Alice is a very talented artist too.  She painted this chair which I have scooped up for a friend.
And she took my old license plate and made this fab bird house.  She says I need to hang some of my little silver hearts on the front.  I think it needs a nice little adirondack chair in the front too.  Love it!
Oh my gosh.  Today I got a shipment of brass texture plates which I will use to texture silver in my rolling mill.  I tried one already and it's just great!  Then I punched out a couple of blanks, whacked my thumb with the one pound brass hammer and said "F*^%k it" and went out side and swept the driveway.

I'll have something to show tomorrow, besides a bruised thumb.

Peacefully yours.

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