Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TV Fun!

Ok, I have to admit that after two months I'm actually pretty happy to have cable tv.  I love my Craigslist find, the cabinet is beautiful and the tv works great, so tonight I get to curl up and watch a new House episode.

Today I drove down to Sacramento to pick up my latest CL find, a Pottery Barn wooden office chair, woot!  One of these days I'd like to wander around Sacramento and look at the neighborhoods.  The house I saw today was a very cool Mid-Century Modern house.  This house had aggregate flooring that extended out from the kitchen/family room completely outside to the pool.  Go look for some pics of Mid-Century Modern, the Atomic Ranch and Eichler.

Nothing else here right now, hot, hot, hot and thankfully my a/c is working so we're keeping cool except for occasional trips outside for necessities.

The sunset is beautiful.


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